Heart Eyes – Wet

“It’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done
To love somebody and still run”

— Still Run, 2018

Recently, I decided to try to step into new things, musically anyway. I have this really annoying thing about me that when people suggest things to me (i.e. music, books, website, t.v. shows etc.) I ignore them as hard as possible. I do not do this on purpose, I promise! I am not just a jerk that hates her friends, at least I don’t think I am. I just like the things that I like and am reluctant to change, plus I have been burned too many times (I am looking at you, Thor Ragnarok).

I even have to trick myself into liking new things. For example, everyone kept telling me about The Last Podcast on the Left. “OMG you’ll love it, they’re so funny, smart and great!” I hard passed on this podcast for months before finally, I was caught up on all the podcasts I like and literally needed something new. So, I started listening to LPOTL as I fell asleep or when I was in the bath (so I couldn’t turn it off or change it). Why am I like this? I wish I could tell you. Long story short though, LPOTL is my new favorite podcast, hands down.

Anyway, someone lovingly suggested this band to me before, but it didn’t stick. Shocking, I know. But then…thanks to the horrible desk job I worked for a few months + iTunes “For You” playlist based on what I always listen to… I discovered Wet.



The timing couldn’t have been better either, because their new album dropped soon after, so I had tons of things to listen to and fall in love with. So, if you are not like me, and you actually enjoy people suggesting new things to you, please check this band out. They are worth a listen, their lyrics are great, the music is catchy, and the vocals = swoon city.


Heart Eyes – Design

In this series, I want to take time out to showcase artwork, creatives, brands, businesses, musicians and more that inspire the crap out of me. Not only because it is fun, but because it can also be inspiring for those not so creative ruts we tend to fall in from time to time.

Here is what has my heart pounding this month…

Loving this kind-hearted creative’s colorful, gentle, powerful aesthetic. her incredible pieces of art are full of sentiments that we could all use a little more of.




The genius over at Velvet Spectrum has me simultaneously saying OMG and WTF.
Way to go Luke Choice, your stuff is phenomenal.



From the moment this girl’s stuff popped up on my feed, I was in love. From the amazing colors to the feminine Zelda flair, seriously, what is not to love?


Who are you creatively crushing on right now?
Tell us in the comments!